Workshops & Presentations

I travel to Universities, Organizations, and Conferences world wide speaking on the topic of sexuality, feminism, pornography, kink, erotic art & culture  and motherhood/sexuality.  I’ve listed my most popular workshops and presentations below.  Please contact me at to book me for a one hour, two hour or weekend intensive workshop.

101 – Sexuality Workshops –
In Search of the G-Spot: Exploring the Pleasure of G Spot Stimulation & Ejaculation presented by Madison Young

In this innovative workshop, individuals will get an up close and personal look at the not-so-mythical g-spot, engage in fun hands-on intimacy labs to improve manual g-spot stimulation & massage techniques and uncover a multitude different ways to enjoy g-spot stimulation both in solo play and partnered play. A live demonstration with a model will illustrate specific techniques and their application in energetically guiding a partner to climax through g spot stimulation and the release of ejaculatory fluid. This informative exploration of the g-spot will demystify the anatomy of this ever sought after pleasure spot, examine what the chemical make up of “female ejaculate” consists of and provide exciting new ways to explore you and your partners body that incorporate g-spot play. This workshop is ideal for couples, partners, individuals who are either interested in learning about pleasuring their own g-spot or a partner’s.

Cunnilingus, Communication and Kissing for Couples: A Workshop on Building Intimacy & Technique through Creative Oral Skills presented by Madison Young. In this innovative and inspiring workshop with sex educator and intimacy coach – Madison Young – couples will embark on a 2 hour exploration of connection and intimacy as they engage in fun hands on intimacy labs to improve techniques in communicating and manifesting your deepest desires, deepening connection through orgasmic kissing techniques and powerful passionate oral sex with cunnilingus that will have you and your partner screaming for more.
Anal Pleasure – 
Discover the art of anal pleasure for both men and women. This course covers safety, cleanliness, toys, oral pleasure of the anus, strap -on anal play for men and women and advanced anal play. People of all genders and orientations have an anus why not give yours and your partners some love and sexual attention.

Five Finger Revolution – 
Discover the overwhelming ecstasy of vaginal and anal fisting.  This workshop will walk you through the steps of warm up, safety, connection, breath, and climactic release associated with fisting.
Fellatio Workshops

Advanced Fellatio:201 Deep Throat and More – 
Do you want to take your blowjob skills up a notch? Maybe you’ve mastered some hand and oral pleasure techniques and you want to try something new. Perhaps you’ve integrated deep throating into your sex life, but you’re curious to see what else you can do. Madison Young has the skills and she’s here to help you make your fellatio even better. She’ll give you all sorts of new blowjob tips, explain how to relax the gag reflex, offer ideas for making it as much fun to give deep oral sex as it is to receive, tell you how to use your throat muscles to drive your guy wild, and ways you can deep throat dildos as well as penises. Full of great ideas and useful hints, this workshop will give you all sorts of new ways to make your guy’s toes curl! If you have a dildo, especially a VixSkin one, please bring it to practice on, or use one of Madison’s cucumbers.

Fetish and Fellatio – 
Want to add some spice to your sex life? Want to learn how to add fetish and bondage to your bag of blow job tricks? In this workshop, sexpert Madison Young will show you how to pervert your average house hold objects such as clothes pins, shower curtains, scarves, neck ties, and stockings.  You will learn easy to use fellatio techniques that incorporate basic bondage, deep throating, sensation play, role play and even how to make a DIY glory hole. Get ready to learn techniques that will prepare you to gift long, luxurious oral worshipping of the cock. Learn how to talk to your lover about your kinky desires and how to build new levels of intimacy, trust, and connection.

Deep Throat and the Art of Oral Sex –Madison Young presents an innovative multi-media presentation demystifying the art of oral sex and deep throating.   Utilizing live demonstrations, interactive games,  throat relaxation exercises and intimacy building techniques, Madison will guide you through gifting full body energy rich fellatio to your lover/s.  We will learn the sensitive erogenous zones of the cock and techniques to stimulate the cock with our hands, mouths, and throat.  Learn techniques for opening your mouth, throat and heart in giving one of the best blow jobs of your life.   All of this and more will be answered in this in depth exploration of Deep Throating and the Art of Oral Sex.

Porn Making Workshops –
DIY Porn 
Make your own Porn   Learn the basics of how to tap into your own personal sexual fantasies, how to manifest those fantasies for the camera, the basics of documenting, writing a script, casting, financing your porn, and how to get your movies to the intended audience (even if that audience is just you and your partner).

Lights Camera Action – Deep Inside Madison Young – Learn how documenting your fantasies with a lover can strengthen your bond and ignite your passion! Award winning director, Madison Young will explain the ins and outs of the wide world of pornography and teach you how to make your own home grown sex positive erotica without spending a dime. Madison will do a live feminist porn making demonstration during this workshop.
Motherhood and Sexuality –
Sex, Pregnancy & Motherhood
 –From Fizzle to Fireworks!

In this two hour workshop sexpert Madison Young will address and develop techniques with the audience on how to reignite new passion in your relationship catering to the specific challenges of motherhood including lack of sleep, privacy, time, and self love.  Madison will empower attendees with tools to create an abundance of love, romance, and sexual pleasure  in our lives rather than a deficit.

Through this innovative workshop Ms Young will engage the audience in hands on creative exercises to develop the following skills:

– Identify ways to reconnect with your partner romantically

– Identify date night solutions for the emotionally and physically exhausted

– Identify techniques around creating space and attention to your own personal sexual pleasure.

– Identify new realms of sexual desire you would like to explore with your partner and how to communicate those desires to your partner.

– Practice body affirmations and reclamation of post-partum mommy bodies

– Developing skill around time sensitive , time deficient life styles that result from parenthood

– How to create romantic connection and  sexual intimacy with the power of intent, breath, and energy awareness.
The Art of Pregnancy and Motherhood for the Modern Mom – An evening of sex positive moms and moms to be coming together to connect through shared experience using visual art and film. Madison Young will facilitate the group through creating their own self portraits, video journals, and screening a slide show accompanied by video clips of art work and films that Madison has produced and exhibited during her recent pregnancy and on the topic of early motherhood and sexuality.

Intensives –

Erotic Film School Weekend Intensive – 2 day course -
This is a class for everyone who wants to know how to get involved in making erotica – either in front of or behind the camera. In this weekend intensive we will cover all of the basic technical skills and resources needed to make your own erotic photo series or an sex positive porn video. In a fun and entertaining way we will do a basic overview of photo and video editing, script writing, creating a budget, marketing, and getting your films funded. Along with the nuts and bolts we will assist you in creating a vision for the erotic media that you are creating and discuss how you can use porn to create community and cultural change. In this intensive class you will have a chance to watch first hand as Award winning director Madison Young, directs a sex positive porn scene. Buy the end of the weekend all participants will have a chance to make their own 3 minute erotic short film and leave the weekend with the resources and skills to manifest their erotic vision. All participants are able to schedule one 30 min one on one consultation with Madison to work out any questions or creative blocks they might run into after the class
I Make Porn and So Can You With Madison Young : The Director’s Cut. A Porn Workshop
America needs better porn! Do you want to help? Learn how to do it from internationally recognized sex-positive pornographer Madison Young. Her presentation and workshop will involve a short screening from Madison’s most recent release “Women Reclaiming Sex on Film”, as well as a step by step guide to shooting your own erotic film including working with minimal budgets, telling a compelling and erotic narrative, and how to work with a live model. Madison will be bringing in a live model for this workshop and will step by step break down the process of model negotiation, how to empower the performer and tell your story,  and even hand the camera to the audience guiding your step by step through how to shoot a porn.  She will show you the best ways to clearly imagine and inexpensively produce videos of your unique sexual fantasies, whether for your own personal arousal or to offer for sale to the public.
Sultry Sunday Soiree -
Madison Young, the famous bondage model, educator, kink performer, performance artist and feministe extra-ordinaire orchestrates a day long special event.
Sultry Sunday Soiree couples one of Madison’s presentations with edgy performance art, a live erotic photo booth, and relaxing decadence with wine and chocolate served during a premiere of Madison’s latest feature film.

Mediation for Masochists Over Night Retreat – (partners encouraged to attend)
This erotic and spiritual happening is a celebration of life, connection and sensation.  During the afternoon participants will engage in ritual practices that encourage our minds and bodies to delve further into our sacred bdsm practice and relationships with our dominants. We will focus on our breathing exercises to aid in pain processing and extensive meditation and visualization practices that focus on recognizing, embracing and releasing of intense sensation.  Join us in a sunset meditation that incorporates buttery leather floggers and the percussion of stingy single tails. Come together as we feed one another  by a bonfire served by a bevy of dedicated service submissives. Be anointed with oils that encourage connection and strength. Celebrate in the depths of connection and submission as we howl & release our inner beasts at this Sacred SM Play Party under the stars.  Rise in the morning for a Perverts and Pancakes breakfast and closing ceremony.

Presentation Topics

Reclaiming Pornography One Orgasm at a Time – 
A Presentation and Discussion by Madison Young
Through discussion and a multimedia presentation, Madison Young (award-winning feminist pornographer, performer, educator, and writer) will facilitate a discussion about sex-positive pornography and the concept of radical pornography as a form of activism. Madison’s talk will explore the importance of archiving our sexual culture, the educational value of pornography, queer and alternative pornography as a do-it-yourself community-building tool, and the importance of celebrating sexuality amongst diverse bodies, genders, and ethnicities. She will cover topics such as empowerment and consent around submission in BDSM pornography, the dichotomy of the term “feminist pornography,” and importance of redefining porn for our culture.

THE INTERSECTIONS OF EROTIC PERFORMANCE ART & PORNOGRAPHY – Madison Young guides the audience through a multi-media presentation consisting of video art, film, photography and documentation of live performance art works created by feminists, queers, counter-culture renegades and activists who are addressing sexuality, sex work, and sexual identity in an explicit and graphic manner through their media and conceptually driven works of art. Young will also be presenting on short excerpts of sex positive artistically driven pornography and engage in a conversation surrounding the importance of both sexually explicit art and pornography in our culture as discuss the points of intersection amongst theses two forms of media and where conceptually and contextually pornography and art divert from one another.

The Politics of Kinky Porn and Feminism – In this mult-media presentation Madison Young will discuss the in depth the politics behind bdsm pornography from the perspective of a kink performer, director, and activist/organizer with in the bdsm community. Madison will address the complications and flaws that currently exist with in the adult film industry as it relates to BDSM and how pornography can be used as an educational tool to demystify and give language to kinks and fetishes . Madison will offer tools for the audience to explore and discuss how we authentically document and portray a sexual subculture with consent, respect, and with out exploitation. Through a series of video clips and photographic media Madison will catalyst conversation around empowerment through submission and the vastness in which bdsm can be portrayed based on the producer, director, and performers intent.

Feminism and Submission – 
Madison will offer a multi-media presentation that walks through a timeline of feminists and activists that have paved the way for sexual empowerment of women with in the leather community from Patrick Califia, Gayle Rubin, Gloria Brame, to Dossie Easton and Carol Queen.
Madison’s talk will explore the importance of archiving our sexual culture through bdsm pornography, erotic films, documentaries, and the many ways that we can destigmatize bdsm. She will cover topics such as empowerment and consent around submission in BDSM , the dichotomy of the term “feminist submissive,” and importance of redefining “feminist” for our culture.


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