Sex Coach Consultations

Madison Young offers confidential and individual coaching sessions that allow you to safely explore your sexuality.

Madison has taught sexuality workshops, sexuality intensives, and given presentations on the topic of sexuality Internationally for the past 7 years.  Ms Young strives to create a comforting space and is a relaxed, approachable, and knowledgeable guide who speaks from her own experiences.   She is able to bring fun, life and inspiration back into your sex life and listen with empathy and guidance as you discover new aspects of your own sexual desire.

What can you expect from your sex coaching experience?

– Active Listening

– Permission and Space to discuss, explore and take action toward attaining the sex life you desire

– Intimacy and Connection exercises to practice with your partner or on your own

– An individualized plan customized to you and your partner’s desires.

Through our process of coaching together we will identify and state goals surrounding intimacy, sexuality, or your relationship/s.  I will provide and cater a game plan for achievement of you and your partners goals along with providing asessment and communication tools and materials to aid you in your process.  Together we will build an action list and construct exercises to assist you in building both physical and emotional agility and dexterity in your intimate and sexual life.

Through our coaching sessions I will provide answers and information to all of your questions around sexual connection and provide innovative sexual techniques for integration into your relationships.  I will also conclude each session with notes and outside resources that might include books, events, web sites, videos and toys for further research or aid in your sexual exploration.

Significance – What kind of effects might I expect from our sex coaching sessions? 

Sexuality and intimacy with ourselves and our loved ones plays a major role in our quality of life effecting the level of daily pleasure, gratification, and satisfaction we receive from our relationships, career, and personal self perception.  When you feel secure, confident and inspired with your sexual self and your relationships you experience greater pleasure and abundance in everything you do.  Intimacy and Relationship Coaching gives space in your life to nurture and develop your relationship with your sexual self either on your own or with a partner.  Many clients describe this experience as liberating, empowering, and life changing.

Here are some of the things clients are saying about their experiences with sex coaching

” Your efforts have single handedly transformed my life, and empowered me to really own my true self and open myself up to all the possibilites out there, kinky and otherwise.” Ben – Sex Coaching Client


“The whole experience was a huge positive in our sex life and made us even closer to each other.” Tim – Sex Coaching Client

“First and foremost, thank you again for arranging the Skype consultation with me.  It was really helpful, interesting, and honestly, quite thrilling.  I was a little nervous to talk to someone, beyond my husband, about sex in such an open manner.  I don’t even talk too much about sex with my best girlfriends.  You have had so many more experiences sexually than I have had, so the thought of talking with you kind of intimidated me.  That being said, you have a very approachable vibe which set the tone for our meeting right from the start.  I felt like I was talking to a friend and not a stranger.  My fear melted away immediately.  Plus, it was just fun.” Barbara – Sex Coaching Client


“My Sir, was immediately impressed and was excited to hear about our conversation.  He was very much thrilled about how I fulfilled my assignment – and of course intrigued by our meeting.  I told him about it while we were out to dinner and his eyes danced as I explained the discussion, what I learned, and that I had been practicing.” – Cynthia – Sex Coaching Client


“My wife and I just attended your fellatio workshop at Kink.  It was fantastic.  (We especially appreciated your comments about churning the energy, using your whole body.) ” – Thomas – Sexuality Workshop Student




What is your training and experience as a sex educator and sexuality coach?

I first started working in sexual education in 2003 teaching sexuality workshops and filming our sexual culture in erotic films.  I have worked as a sex educator for the past decade teaching workshops, speaking at universities and conferences on an International level and I’m a trained sex educator through the SFSI Sex Educator Training program.  I frequently appear on television as a sexpert both nationally and internationally on  Bravo, HBO, ABC, Spike TV, MTV’s LOGO Channel, and more.  I have been working one on one with couples and individuals since 2009 as a sexuality coach.


Why I started providing individualized coaching?

I started offering sex coaching consultations several years ago.  Participants in my workshops often find that they are inspired by my sexuality workshops but that they have specific questions that are impossible to tackle in the span of a single workshop.  Sex Coaching also offers the comfort of privacy versus discussing your sex life in front of a crowd of fellow workshop participants.  Sex Coaching allows for that space. With a Sex Coaching consultation I’m able to listen to your specific concerns, questions, and work with you one on one to explore and realize your potential for greater sexual satisfaction, pleasure and intimacy with your partner/s.  I’m able to tailor relationship and intimacy exercises to best fit you and your partner, guide you through the process of communicating your desires to your partner and creating space to honor the desires of the one you love.   Sex Coaching can be an excellent way to learn new skills or explore new areas of sexual desire.  Sex Coaching can be done individually or as a couple and either in person, over the phone, or Skype.

What is your Cancelation Policy?

If a client needs to cancel a session and does so with in 72 hours of the session the client will still be responsible for full payment of the session.  If a client needs to reschedule or cancel a session and it is prior to 72 hours before the session, the client may reschedule with out financial obligation of the previously scheduled session.


How Much Sex Coaching Cost:
My rates for in person coaching sessions are 90 minutes in duration and cost $500/per session. I also offer packages of  3  – 90 minute sessions for $1,000.
Skype coaching sessions are 60 minutes in duration and cost $300/per session or package of 5 Skype sessions for $1200.

To Book a Session email


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