If you have questions, feedback, or would like to drop Madison a note reach out at


9 Responses to Contact

  1. Bob and Nancy says:

    We recently attended your squirting seminar at the Armory with Dylan; it was wonderful- thank you!. We are now interested in taking your blow job class. When/where? PLease send us details.

    • Thank you, Bob and Nancy! My next class on fellatio, “Deep Throat and the Art of Oral Sex”, will be my first online workshop, streaming live on Ustream on May 23 at 7pm. Please check my calendar on this site for ticket details, and all workshop updates. Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Madison,
    Will you be offering more workshops online in the future? This is such a great idea. We live on the Eastcoast so it makes attending much easier. We are intrigued by The Armory and will definitely visit next time we are in San Fran.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Yes. I definitely plan on doing more online workshops. Hopefully at least one a month.

      • Rebecca says:

        Hello! Thank you – this is good news. I am disappointed that I missed the “Deep Throat and the Art of Oral Sex” workshop in May. My Sir just gave me an assignment to deep throat him and lick him at the same time. I have no idea how to do this. He gave me a reasonable amount of time to learn so maybe you will offer this class again soon? Otherwise, I will be Googling like crazy. Thank you again. I really like what you are doing here. You are one gusty gal.

      • Rebecca says:

        Ha ha! I meant GUTSY!

      • Rebecca,
        Send me an email and we will work out a skype consultation. Want to make sure you are ready for your assignment from your Sir. My email is

  3. Anne Gibson says:

    Hi Madison, we are interested in featuring you on for our celeb section. Can you email us?

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