My 5 Sex Tips for New Moms Article is live on Bustle!

sex pos parenting

Because Having A Baby Doesn’t Mean Losing A Libido

Here are two excerpts from my latest article out on Sex-Positive Parenting.
“During my pregnancy, my sexual tastes became unpredictable. I would whip dramatically back and forth between having a strong desire to have my breasts touched and feeling a complete aversion to any nipple stimulation. I came to accept that, while my body was undergoing a monumental transformation, my sexual desire could also ebb and flow.

These five sex tips include some of the tools that I’ve developed, as a mother and sex educator, that have helped to guide me through the ever-evolving birth of my post-partum sexuality.  These are for all the mamas that are struggling to find their way back to an orgasmic sex life.”

Intrigued? Read the Full Article Here on Bustle.

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