North West Mini Tour


I’m on the road again in February bringing exciting new sexuality workshops to the North West.  Currently I have bookings in both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington and might be adding more dates in the next few days so keep checking back for the latest info on my North West Winter Tour.  Its been a few years since I’ve taught in Seattle. And I haven’t taught in Portland in a loooong time. In fact I haven’t taught in Seattle since I was early in my pregnancy of my now 2 year old daughter and well Portland….  I haven’t been to Portland since before the hipster boom. Its been a while.  Travel and Leisure Magazine voted Seattle and Portland the top two cities in the country in which you will find the most hipsters.  So I’m at the very least expecting some killer vegan fare.  If you are coming to a workshop and want to get on the teachers good side bring a vegan cupcake and you will be on my awesome person list.

Feb 17th  7 -9pm at Wild at Heart Seattle Washington – Exploring the G spot and Female Ejaculation w/ Madison Young

Madison Young presents an innovative multi-media presentation demystifying the g-spot and female ejaculation. Utilizing live demonstrations, illustrative video footage, and diagrams, Madison will guide you through your exploration of the erogenous zone known as the g-spot. This sexpert will explain what the g-spot is, how to locate it and different innovative techniques to stimulate the gspot.

Want to make a splash? Wondering where female ejaculate comes from? What it is? All of these questions and more w…ill be answered in this in depth exploration of the g-spot and female ejaculation.

This workshop is open to all regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status.

Sunday, February 17th 7-9pm
Registration through Brown Paper Tickets:
Join us for the workshop and get 15% off your purchase that night!

Feb 21st  7:30 pm She-Bop Portland Oregon – DIY Porn w/ Madison Young – $20

Let award-winning porn performer and director Madison Young teach you how to make your own porn! Learn the basics of how to tap into your own personal sexual fantasies, how to manifest those fantasies for the camera, the basics of documenting, writing a script, casting, financing your porn, and how to get your movies to the intended audience (even if that audience is just you and your partner).

This is the perfect class to help you get a jumpstart on submitting to Hump!, the Northwest’s amateur porn film festival!

Feb 22nd 7pm – Cocksucking for Queers – Portland, Oregon – Location TBA

Whether its strap ons or fleshy bits learn how to make the most of your mouth and hands when giving head. We will talk about different strap on options, realistic dildos, deep throating demos, and how to incorporate cock sucking into power play.

Feb 23rd from 2-4pm  – Seattle, WA – Center for Sex positive Culture Annex – Tix available here  – Five Finger Revolution w/ Madison Young

Discover the overwhelming ecstasy of vaginal and anal fisting with Madison Young, your kinky girl next door, award winning bdsm and fetish porn star, adult performer, director, published writer, artist and gallerist.

Learn the ins and outs of this intimate, sexy activity! This two hour workshop will walk you through the steps of warm up, safety, connection, breath, and climactic release associated with fisting.

This workshop is presented by The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, a 501(c)3 non-profit.

Feb 24th 7 – 9pm – Seattle,WA – Wild at Heart –   Fetish and Fellatio –

Want to add some spice to your sex life? Want to learn how to add fetish and bondage to your bag of blow job tricks?In this workshop, sexpert Madison Young will show you how to pervert your average house hold objects such as clothes pins, shower curtains, scarves, neck ties, and stockings. You will learn easy to use fellatio techniques that incorporate basic bondage, deep throating, sensation play, role play and even how to make a DIY glory hole. Get ready to learn techniques that will prepare you to gif…t long, luxurious oral worshipping of the cock. Learn how to talk to your lover about your kinky desires and how to build new levels of intimacy, trust, and connection.This workshop is open to all regardless of gender, orientation, or relationship status.
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